TRANS GULF INDUSTRIES INC Formulating and Packaging of Jan-San Chemicals
TRANS GULF INDUSTRIES INCFormulating and Packaging of Jan-San Chemicals

Melt Down: This extra-heavy-duty cleaner removes baked-on carbon, grease, and oils from deep fat fryers, ovens and grills. Dilute up to 1:50, pH13.5, Color: Clear-red Scent: N/A. #5507

ARCTIC DESTROYER: RTU Sub-zero freezer cleaner for floors and walls. It can be applied using a mop, brush, or an auto floor scrubber. pH 13.0, Color: red, Scent: N/A. #5263

BREAK DOWN: High-foaming, non-caustic degreaser for meat cutting equipment, tables, and meat room floors & walls. USDA, Dilute up to 1:10, pH 12.5, Color: clear, Scent: N/A. #5935

BAKE OFF: RTU carbon remover thickened to penetrate and remove baked-on grease from cooking equipment. pH 12.5, Color: white, Scent: Ammonia. #5626

CAC: Low-foaming, chlorinated, alkaline cleaner for food processing equipment, milk lines, and cold milk tanks. Dilute up to 1:10, pH 13, Color: clear, Scent: N/A. #5186

DELIMER DESCALER: RTU mild-acid, scale remover for quick removal of water deposits and stains on hard equipment surfaces. pH 1, Color: amber, Scent: N/A. #5184

GREASE OUT: Grease eating floor cleaner for kitchen floors or food preparation areas. Non-caustic, neutral cleaner is safe and easy to use. Eliminates slick (greasy) floors. Dilute up to 1:32, pH 7.5, Color: green, Scent: mild. #5238

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER: RTU mild-solvent cleaner will remove grime, smudges, and finger prints while leaving behind a protective sheen. pH N/A, Color: clear-yellow, Scent: N/A. #5300

SUPER PLUS: High-foaming, high-alkaline caustic degreaser for cleaning smoke houses, food processing equipment, floors and walls. USDA. pH 13.5, Color: clear, Scent: N/A. #5298

QUICK SAN:  Odorless food processing & beverage container sanitizer that does not require rinsing. For a hospital disinfectant dilute 1:128. Dilute up to 1:512. pH 7.5, Color: clear, Scent: N/A. #5217

MAGNUM: High alkaline, 10% butyl degreaser for use on engines, heavy equipment, and trucks. Not for use on aluminum. Dilute up to 1:20USDA, pH 13.5, Color: red, Scent: sassafras. #5273   Available in gallons, 5 gallon pails, & 55 gallon drums.

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