TRANS GULF INDUSTRIES INC Formulating and Packaging of Jan-San Chemicals
TRANS GULF INDUSTRIES INCFormulating and Packaging of Jan-San Chemicals

Bioactivator: (Our most concentrated enzyme product.  250 billion count) Four strains of enzyme cultures control organic waste odors wherever they happen, including but not limited to restrooms, garbage recepticals, carpets, and pet quarters. Activate by dilution with water. Dilute up to 1:20  #5584 Fresh, #5999 Mint. #5535 Cherry, or #5542 Lavender.   Available in quarts and gallons.

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BIO CLEAN: Deodorizing bathroom cleaner with live enzymes (100 billion count) to help clean walls, floors, toilets, urinals and all bathroom fixtures. USDA. Dilute up to 1:20, pH 7, Color: orange, Scent: orange. #5956   Available in gallons, 5 gallon pails, & 55 gallon drums.

BIO FRESH: RTU cleaner with live enzymes that deodorize and  clean restrooms and closed digestive systems. This products also enhances and reinforces total system operation. pH 7, Color: green, Scent: fresh pine. #5092   Available in gallons, 5 gallon pails, & 55 gallon drums.

GREASE OUT: Grease eating floor cleaner for kitchen floors or food preparation areas. Non-caustic, neutral cleaner is safe and easy to use. Eliminates slick (greasy) floors. Dilute up to 1:32, pH 7.5, Color: green, Scent: mild. #5238   Available in gallons, 5 gallon       pails, & 55 gallon drums.

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