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Using Disinfectant 32 and Bio-Activator After Flood Waters

Our Disinfectant 32 and our line of enzyme cleaners (Bio-Activator, Bio-Clean, and Bio-Fresh) have successfully been used in clean up after previous floods and hurricanes.  We often have questions about how to use these products together or just general questions for clean up after flooding.


Why use Disinfectant 32?

Flood waters are filled with all sorts of nastiness.  Disinfectant 32 will kill mold spores and a plethora of contaminates.  Our Disinfectant 32 has successfully treated buildings that were required to have a mold certificate test.  Customers have reported that their mold test “passed with flying colors”.  

When using Disinfectant 32 (four ounces to one gallon of water) make sure that you keep the area wet for 10 minutes.  If it starts to dry before the ten minutes, re-apply.  That ten minute dwell time is the key to wiping out all the mold or anything else left by the waters.  


Why would I use an Enzyme product?

Different surfaces absorb odors regardless if you disinfectant it or not.  Applying a scented product will not get rid of the odors, it will eventually come back.  It’s just a cover up.

Refrigerators are a great example of this.  The plastic inside absorbs odors and no matter what you do.  It still stinks.  Katrina gave many people first hand experience.  If you were lucky enough to have a working refrigerator after the power came back, the clean up job was disgusting.  

An enzyme product will eat anything organic and it has a lasting effect. Long after application, it will continue to eat up any odor producing material.    

Make sure when using either Bio-Activator or Bio-Clean you dilute it properly. IT WILL NOT WORK UNDILUTED. The dilution “wakes up” the enzymes and prepares them to get to work.


Can I use Disinfectant 32 and Bio-activator together?

Yes.  However, remember that that Bio-Activator, Bio-Clean, and Bio-Fresh are alive. Disinfectant 32 will kill mold, mildew, bacteria, as well as the enzymes.  Therefore it will kill the enzyme product before it can do its job.  After you have used Disinfectant 32 and you have left it wet for 10 minutes. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, either rinse surface or make sure it is completely dry.  If you are treating studs, we would suggest leaving it to dry for two days.  After this time the Disinfectant is now inert,  and you can apply the enzyme product.  If you are using Bio-Activator or Bio-Clean you must dilute the product to activate the enzymes.  If you are using Bio-Fresh (ready-to-use) you can apply in immediately.


Have other questions?  Drop us a message on Facebook or the contact page on our website We are glad to help.


Disinfectant 32: Quat Based Disinfectant vs. Bleach

We have had a few questions concerning the advantages/disadvantages using a quat-based disinfectant over bleach.


The only real advantage that bleach has over quat-based disinfectants, like Disinfectant 32, is cost.


Unlike bleach, Disinfectant 32 is not corrosive to metals and other organic materials (paper, wood, etc.). Disinfectant 32 also has a neutral pH and can be used on most surfaces.


Bleach is  also very reactive. Even at very low dilutions the fumes can noxious and cause irritation to the respiratory system, eyes, and skin.  Be wary of mixing it with acids, peroxides, or any other chemicals. While you should never mix chemicals in any situation, Disinfectant 32 will clean and disinfect without fumes and toxicity.


Disinfectant 32 is made with a blend of surfactants that also clean as well as disinfect.  These surfactants also help with dwell time (the amount of time the active ingredents are still active). Bleach dissipates quickly and has no true cleaning power like a surfactant does. Its cleaning ability comes from it stark harshness.


And lastly, bleach doesn’t have the shelf life of quat-based disinfectants due to it’s chemical makeup of water and sodium hypochlorite, which breaks down rapidly when exposed to sunlight.


To sum everything up, Disinfectant 32 is a quat-based disinfectant/cleaner that is low in toxicity and corrosivity. This makes it safer on skin, eyes, and  lungs, which is a must during long hours of clean up. It has a neutral Ph, long shelf life, and is safe to use on metals and most surfaces. All which lends itself to being the ideal cleaner for mold remediation, disinfecting, and general clean up.




Bio Activator: Have Sediment?  Excellent!


You may have noticed that your bottle of Bio Activator will have sediment in the bottom of the bottle after it has sat for a while.  Those are the hard working bacteria that make Bio Activator such a great product!  Bio Activator is super concentrated with 250 billion hard workers waiting to be activated.  This is why it is important to shake, dilute, and give it a few minutes to be ready to get to work! 

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